SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE – a method of agriculture that attempts to ensure the profitability of farms while preserving the environment


The very definition and history of sustainable agriculture originated on the small family farm. Chickens scratched and pecked the garden scraps on the compost pile ultimately ‘turning’ and composting the scraps.  They would use compost or animal waste which provided fertilizer that was worked into the garden, enriching the soil – yielding bumper crops. Any excess or inedible produce was fed back to the animals.

Nothing was wasted on small family farms out of necessity – because there was no extra. A synergistic lifestyle evolved around farmers working the land, caring for the land, and sustaining the land that sustained them.   “Waste Not – Want Not” was the maxim!


As founding members of the Stewards of the Land, the Kilgus and Schneider families support growing practices that are fundamentally sustainable.  From growing in organic, compostable soil plugs, to recycling waste product back into compost, Living Water Farms follows the “Waste Not – Want Not” principle too!  Excess product that is not sold is donated to the Midwest Food Bank in Bloomington, IL where it goes to support food pantries and shelters throughout the state.  Geothermal heating and cooling utilizes the natural heat of the earth to warm (and cool in the summer) the environment of the greenhouse while supporting year-round growing operations.  Water recirculation reuses irrigation water, significantly reducing the amount used to grow our greens.  Living Water Farms grows product not only for resale, but also for the tables of the families who live and work on the farm.


Situated within ¼ mile of the highest point in Livingston County, Living Water Farms looks forward to establishing a wind powered generator at a future date to create 100% of the energy they consume. In a wind-rich environment wind harvested energy provides one of the most cost-effective alternative energy sources available.

Living Water Farms
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