5th Annual Farm to Fork Fest






Once again, we enjoyed a great evening meeting numerous attendees at Farm to Fork and sharing our connection with Terzo Piano.  Chef Megan Neubeck has been a great partner in supporting our farm.  It’s extremely important to us to make these types of partnerships and we couldn’t be happier than to say Terzo has been ‘top notch’. They celebrate & support local farmers every day!

A “Quick Fire Challenge” featuring Chef Tony Mantuano versus Chef John Hogan of River Roast centered around making a salad with Living Water Farms’ greens!  Tony used Italian Dandelion while John chose Romaine lettuce.  John’s dish got the judges’ nod, but we all agreed that both salads were fantastic.  All attendees enjoyed a taste of both salads which was the first course of an awesome 4-course meal! 

This event is an excellent opportunity for patrons of Terzo to meet various farmers and become educated on where their food comes from as well as why buying from local farms is important. Learn more about this great annual event and how you can reserve your ticket for next year by visiting www.terzopianochicago.com.  I hope to see you next year!

Article By:  Denise Kilgus

Here are a few pictures and our recipe for the tasty Basil Lemon drink we served.

Living Water Farm demo table of sample greens, micros & literature.
Living Water Farm demo table at Farm to Fork Fest hosted by Terzo Piano, Chicago, IL.
Chefs Tony Mantuano & John Hogan face off in the 5th annual quickfire challenge at Farm to Fork!
The “Quick Fire Challenge” featuring Chef Tony Mantuano versus Chef John Hogan of River Roast!

(serve hot or cold)

3 c. water 2 tsp finely shredded lemon peel
½ c. sugar or sweetener of your choice 2 T lemon juice
½ c. slivered fresh basil
Bring water and sweetener to boil in pan on stove. Remove from heat and cool
20 min. Add basil and let stand for 30 min. Discard basil and stir lemon peel and juice into the syrup. Serve warm.

If serving as a cold drink, chill the liquid completely and serve with a few slices of lemon or lime in the pitcher.

Another option is to freeze the drink and then serve it as a slush.

Living Water Farms
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